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What makes me tick

I love my work as a creative strategist, but it's important to balance that with personal fulfillment, too. I'm an activist in my community, working on criminal justice reform in California. Black Lives Matter, access to education, and mental health awareness are issues near and dear to my heart.

When I'm just spending time with myself, I'm probably out adventuring with my dog, my journal, my wildflower ID book, and my camera. All photos in this site, except the photo of me by the wonderful Myleen Hollero, are my own. I'm also a recovering theatre kid and an avid lover of history and French culture, currently researching the life of a 19th century horologist from Strasbourg.

My dog and I are travelers. In the past year, you could find us hiking anywhere from the beaches of California, to the Spanish Pyrenees, to the edge of the Seine in Paris. I'm currently located in San Diego, California, but I've called the San Francisco Bay Area and Paris, France home, and am always looking to exploring somewhere new. Where will our work take us together?

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